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Elias Ackerman

I was born in Costa Rica and adopted from an orphanage at the age of ten. I’ve lived in Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and finally here in the Great Northwest. Throughout the five years I’ve lived here with my wife and son, I’ve discovered many opportunities to spend time with the wonderful families of our great community. I’ve served as a coach for our soccer and basketball leagues. As a former chef, I have a passion for cooking and sharing my love for people through my food—I recently even baked desserts for the GNW staff during the 2022 assessment season! Neighbors and the community might know my Great Dane, Daisy, and me from our walks along the soccer fields and GNW Market days. We enjoy getting out and meeting our neighbors any chance that we get.

My goal is to help the community in any way that I can. Whether I’m lending a hand to a neighbor or coaching the youth of our community, I like being able to help my neighbors whenever possible. It is important to me that all of our families have a great place to live, and I aim to do my part to make that happen.

Brian Stives

My family and I have lived in the Great Northwest since 1996, when the Air Force brought us to the area. I retired from the Air Force in 2010 and my family decided we were staying in San Antonio and the GNW. My children grew up here in the neighborhood, participated in community sports programs, and I coached soccer, T-ball, and basketball in our youth programs.

I served on the Board of Directors from 1999-2002 and I came back on the Board in 2011. I have served as Chairman from 2012-2016, and again from 2018 to present. During my tenure my greatest successes have been developing a streamlined budget process, conservative execution of the budget, and building the financial stability of the organization, which is the strongest it has ever been.

The Board has changed a lot over the years, having new and fresh perspectives on the Board helps build and improve the organization. I am pleased to say that we have a great group of people who are involved for the right reasons and work tirelessly to make the neighborhood a better place to live and raise your family. I look forward to continuing my service to the community for one more term and invite you to join us at our Board meetings on the third Thursday of every month. Thank you for your support!