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Employment at the Great Northwest

The Great Northwest Community Improvement Association, Inc. is an incorporated non-profit mandatory membership deed-restricted property owners association of about 19,000 residents located in Northwest San Antonio. We have approximately 15 full-time employees, plus multiple seasonal part-time employees as needed (such as Life Guards, Pool Gate Guards, Referees, etc.). In addition, we have some contracted employees.

Equal Opportunity Employer
The Great Northwest is an equal opportunity employer. Prospective applicants will receive consideration without discrimination because of race, creed, sex, religion, national origin, or other protected condition. There are minimum age requirements for all positions and dress and grooming standards for all employees.

Drug Screening
Drug screening showing no evidence of illegal drug use is a precondition to employment by the Great Northwest. Drug screening is completed at the Association’s expense.

Your Job Application Packet must include:

  1. Completed Application 
  2. Resume 

Return completed applications by the deadline to:
Great Northwest CIA, Inc. 
8809 Timberwilde Drive 
San Antonio, TX 78250

Or e-mail your completed application to:

Applications may also be left with the front desk staff Monday – Friday (9AM to 6 PM), mailed or dropped in the drop box just outside the main entrance to the GNW Lodge.